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Please make sure you have your child's original drawing in front of you so that you can answer a few questions.

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All of our choices are standard frame sizes, so whether you buy one of our high-quality frames or visit a frame shop, it’s easy to get the right mat and frame.

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Special Requests:
Drawing modifications, color requests, etc.

How will you send us your child's drawing?

Sending your Drawing:
We will provide further instructions once you have placed your order. Don't worry—you can send it a different way if you change your mind.

Note: If you're planning on sending us an electronic copy, please make sure it's a clear, high-resolution scan or photo — at least 1,000 pixels in both width and height.

If you're not quite sure what that means, just mail it to us, and we'll take care of all the technical stuff at no extra cost.


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Copyright notice: The artist, Summer Myers, retains the copyright of the finished painting and reserves all rights to reproduce its image. Summer grants the owners of individual paintings permission to make reproductions of their painting for noncommercial use only.

By commissioning a Fine Doodle, customers verify that they give full permission for Summer Myers to create a new work of art based on their child’s art. Customers also understand that the copyright and reproduction rights of the resulting painting belong solely to Summer Myers. Customers that commission a Fine Doodle based on artwork by a child for whom they are not the parent or legal guardian are responsible to obtain proper permission to use said artwork before placing an order.