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Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh - "Fine Doodles" - September 2010 (Link, PDF)


We admit feeling a little skeptical when we first read about this business. Have our childrens' drawings turned into paintings? But our childrens' artwork is perfection as it is. How could anyone re-interpret it and come anywhere close to the original beauty? Then we took a look at the gallery. And we couldn't stop smiling! ... The end product neither crushes nor upstages the original, but rather brings it to a vibrant, fleshed out fruition that clearly maintains a deep respect for the original.

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"Our Favorite Artwork, Best of 2010: July - September"(Link)

Fine Doodles™ Press Release - September 2010 (PDF)


Staying faithful to the child’s vision is both the most difficult and most fun part of her job, says Myers. “I adore working from children's drawings! Once you get too old, too trained, or too experienced, you just can't draw like a kid anymore. You can't make those lines, or those beautifully surreal compositions with floating families and inexplicable blobs. I add my own touch and my own interpretation to them, but I always try to stay true to the child's vision.”

Associated Content - "Fine Doodles Turns Your Child's Pictures into Fine Art" - April 2010 (Link, PDF)


You pick a drawing by your child, and send it to Fine Doodles. Then artist Summer Myers "re-imagines" your child's picture. She stays true to their drawing, but turns it into an acrylic painting with vibrant colors and child-like exuberance. It look like your child's picture, but with an added artistic flair. You get a unique painting that is not only a lasting record of your child and their childhood, but also a great piece of artwork for your home. My favorites are from the drawings of younger children.

Associated Content - "An Interview with Artist Summer Myers About Fine Doodles" - April 2010 (Link, PDF)


Fine Doodles seems to be unique to the market. Why do you think it appeals to people?

"As I mentioned, people love their own kid's creative work. I think my customers Fine Doodle their child's work not just because they love one particular drawing, but they realize that it honors and validates their child's artistic pursuits in general. All the feedback I've received from the kids themselves has been very positive - they seem excited to see something special done with their work, to see their work transformed into something they can't make for themselves. "

The County Press - "Child's Artwork Will Be Treasured Forever" - April 2010 (Link, PDF)


I stumbled upon the Web site for something called Fine Doodles, and immediately knew I was going to give it a try. A Washington artist, Summer Myers, takes your child’s original drawing and turns it into real art — a frameable acrylic painting on canvas. But oh, it’s so much more than that. She scans those precious scribbles, digitally resizes the drawing and transfers it onto a panel. Then, she uses her artistic abilities to paint over the transfer and turn it into something truly magical.

Musings from Mom School - "Fine Doodles Review" - March 2010 (Link, PDF)


But sometimes, there's just something about a picture. Something that, when I look at it, makes me FEEL something. There was a drawing he did when he was three that I fell in love with the second I saw it. It was just done on a cruddy piece of newsprint, but he took markers and drew a bunch of the most precious little cats and dogs I had ever seen, along with some random markings that, to me, looked like clouds and lightning. I have always, in my mind, called that drawing "Raining Cats and Dogs." It immediately got a spot in the special folder, to be kept forever.

I knew the instant I saw Summer Myers' work that I had to have her turn "Raining Cats and Dogs" into a Fine Doodle.

So, she did. And I ADORE it!

Musings from Mom School - "Fine Doodles Review 2" - May 2010 (Link, PDF)


The painting arrived on Wednesday and I swear I nearly wet my pants with joy when I saw it. This woman has such a creative artist's eye. I LOVE what she does with kids' artwork. She keeps the spirit of their drawings, but really makes them POP off the canvas. It's art, pure and simple. [...]

I am so tickled with the way this painting turned out. I love the colors, the way the camp and outhouse look, Logan's awesome pine trees in the upper right corner and the sweet little pines Summer scattered throughout. It's just perfect and I can't wait to give it to my dad for Father's Day. I think he's going to flip!

Hidden Domestic Review - May 2010 (Link, PDF)


[Summer Myers] is an artist and young mother who has started a very cool new company called Fine Doodles. Basically she recreates your child's drawing(s) into an amazing new painting. It's your kid's drawing, but turned into a piece of artwork that is beautiful, unique, and will last until your kid has kids of their own to admire their work. In short, the things are dang adorable.

Customer Reviews on Google Checkout - (Link)


I am a repeat customer. Fine Doodles has exceeded my expectations - great customer service and wonderful product. I continue to recommend Fine Doodles to my friends and family.