Gift Cards

Gift Card

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Fine Doodles™ gift cards are available! Gift cards ship free, and the cost of shipping the finished Fine Doodle™ is included in the price. Card value may be applied toward the purchase of a larger Fine Doodle. Order one for a loved one today!

Card Dimensions: 8.5" x 5.5"

Four sizes are available, Small, Medium, Large, and Gigantic.

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Custom Fine Doodles™ Original Painting

Each Fine Doodle™ is hand-painted in light-fast acrylic on archival board and finished with a glossy, transparent glaze.

All prices are subject to change.

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Four Sizes

GiganticGigantic (24" x 30") comes on stretched mounted canvas (3/4" thick) easily hangable without a frame, but able to fit into some larger frames. These huge paintings bring in a lot of color and make a big impression. Starting at $495.

LargeLarge (16" x 20") comes on archival-quality hardboard (1/8" thick). The size of a poster, these make a bright, colorful statement in a room. Starting at $325.


MediumMedium (11" x 14") comes on archival-quality hardboard (1/8" thick). For a smaller but still colorful touch. Starting at $215.

MediumSmall (5" x 7"), like the larger sizes, comes on archival-quality hardboard (1/8" thick). Perfect for small portraits. Starting at $139.

Larger custom sizes available on request.

Certificate of Authenticity

Every individual order will include the painting as well as a commemorative Certificate of Authenticity featuring a copy of your child's drawing, your child's name and age, the piece's title, Summer Myers's signature and a space for your child to sign. Click here to see a sample.

Turnaround Time

Your final hand-painted artwork will ship up to one month after we receive your full order, including the child's drawing.

We are occasionally able to expedite an order if you contact us. Additional fees may apply.


Canvas and paper prints of your Fine Doodle™ or your child's original drawing are available on request. Contact us or click here for print pricing.

Copyright Notice

The artist, Summer Myers, is the sole owner of the images of her artwork, and retains all rights to her paintings, including (but not limited to) copyright and reproduction rights. Any unauthorized use of any Fine Doodles™ image without express permission is prohibited.

The copyright of a child's original drawing belongs to the child artist, and is only displayed on this website or used in other Fine Doodles™ promotional material with the consent of the parent or guardian. While ordering, customers can choose whether or not to allow their child's original artwork to be used for promotional purposes by Fine Doodles™.

Customers that commission a Fine Doodle™ based on artwork by a child for whom they are not the parent or legal guardian are solely responsible to obtain proper permission to use said artwork before placing an order.

Permitted Uses: Summer Myers does grant the owners of individual paintings permission to make reproductions of their painting for noncommercial use. Blogs or web sites writing about and linking to Fine Doodles™ may use a few images from this website as illustration. Other press should contact us for clearance before using images.


Additional charges for shipping and handling will apply.

Our online orders currently ship only to the United States. If you'd like a Fine Doodle™ shipped to another country, please contact us.

In general, Small Fine Doodles™ are shipped via USPS First Class Mail. Medium and Large Fine Doodles™ are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Gigantic Fine Doodles™ are shipped via USPS Parcel Post or UPS.

We insure every shipment of Fine Doodles™ paintings for loss or damage. If you have any issues with the condition of the artwork you receive, contact us for assistance.

Canvas Upgrade Option

For an additional fee, you can choose to have your small, medium, or large Fine Doodle™ painted on stretched canvas.

All gigantic Fine Doodles™ are painted on stretched canvas for no additional fee.

Our 3/4” deep stretched cotton canvas is completely archival and gives your Fine Doodle™ an authentic canvas texture. The canvas is mounted gallery-style onto solid wood stretchers with clean, staple-free edges.

Hanging a stretched canvas is easy - no frame required. If you do decide to frame a stretched canvas, many deep frames will fit.

Framing Options

All products are standard frame sizes, so whether you purchase a frame from us or take it to a local frame shop, it's easy to frame your Fine Doodle™.

We offer beautiful modern frames which have been hand-selected by the artist. Edges are typically .75" wide and 1.5" thick mahogany. You can choose to add a frame to your order for an additional fee.

Sales Tax

Orders from California are subject to sales tax.

Collages and Extremely Detailed Drawings

Listed prices are for a single drawing only. Collages and extremely detailed drawings (such as a portrait of a large group of people) may be subject to an additional surcharge. If you have any concerns about whether this would apply to your drawing, feel free to contact us before ordering. Don't worry: this is rarely ever an issue, and it does not apply to over 95% of the art in our gallery.

Ordering process

Click here to order a custom Fine Doodle original painting. If you have any questions before, during, or after ordering, please don't hesitate to contact us.